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13 and Glamorous!

This weekend  I got some great shots of my oldest daughter Lauren. I consider this a great achievement for a couple of reasons, number one being she posed willingly for numerous photos and had fun doing it.  In the past she has always been resistant to getting her photo taken.  I had managed previously to get some shots of her and a friend while they were goofing off being silly, dressed up in her 8 year old sister’s dress up clothes, but other attempts were unsuccessful.

The photo shoot turned out to be a lot of fun for both of us.   I found the red dress she is wearing at the Thrift Store earlier that morning for $6.99.  I had her put the dress on, then I did her hair and makeup. When it was time to start shooting, my husband put his iphone on her favorite Pandora radio station, so music she liked to hear was playing in the background.  We took a lot of photos, several of her dancing and goofing off, intermixed with the serious shots.Because we shot in Raw, and not JPEG, I did not keep all the shots taken, only the ones we really liked.

Greg and I rented a backdrop for this weekend, so we had her change into one of her own favorite dresses for the next set of shots .  The pictures turned out great. I was thrilled.  But what was most satisfying, and what makes this such a huge achievement, is that Lauren liked all the pictures also.   SO many times we have gotten photos taken, and she never liked them.  It always made me sad, because she is such a beautiful girl.  For her to like her own photos is very gratifying.  And since this was something that we had fun doing together, it makes each photo all the more special.


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Good News, Bad News

Bad News: My wallet was stolen today. Good News: It was empty

Good News: I have a job. Bad News: It’s the same one.

Good News:  Emily is feeling 100% again. Bad News:  It cost $220.00 to find out it was viral and not strep.

Good News: 3 Loads of Laundry were washed for me. Bad News:  They are strewn all over the couch and shoved into baskets.

Good News:  I found a blog template I really like. Bad News:  I can’t upload it to this site.

Bad News:  I’m tired, and disheartened. Good News:  Good times are just around the corner.

Bad News: Big house payment coming out this week. Good News:  We have a roof over our heads.

Bad News: I forget how blessed and fortunate I really am. Good News:  God Never Does.

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Editing –

My daughter woke up sick this morning, so I have been home with her all day.   I have spent the entire day editing photos, watching tutorials, and doing research.  The amount of information out there is staggering.  I’m getting really excited about learning how to take some of these shots.

This evening I have been working with doing custom black and white photo editing.  I found a blog post by Natalie Norton, a photographer, on making black and white or Sepia photos that are not too bland.  With the help of my husband I have learned this technique.  In the photos below you can see the difference with the custom photo below on the far right than the standard black and white or sepia version. Please excuse the duplicate photos.  I accidentally added twice, and for whatever reason, I cannot figure out how to delete them from this blog.

I cannot wait until I am able to hold another mock photo shoot once we get our backdrops and props.  Right now a little limited on what we can do.

I am holding fast to my New Years Resolution of taking control of my life.  This is something I have talked about doing, and dreamed of for a while now.  I am finally taking steps towards achieving that goal.

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Life is full of opportunities. We just need to have the courage to grasp them.

Could the New Year have started out any Worse?

I brought in the New Year sick and still have that stubborn lingering cough going on.  I finally started feeling better, and began making plans to meet goals set for this year, and BAM!! 13 fellow employees were let go, and everyones salary was cut by 10% firm wide.  10%!?  And with the salary cut, I have taken on more responsibilities at work…… great!!  Don’t get me wrong,  I am very grateful for the experience this will provide me, but I was hoping my salary would be increasing this year, not the other way around.  Such is life, I suppose.

The best words of encouragement I received during this was in a text message sent from my husband.  It said: “Do you remember what you were worrying about a year ago?….Neither do I because it turned out GREAT!” And this is so true!  A year ago, I wasn’t working, and we were not sure if Greg would be able to keep his job or not.  A year ago over 100 employees were laid off from Greg’s work, and we were praying that he would be able to keep his.  A year ago we were debating whether or not I needed to return to work.  In February I started looking for work, and it wasn’t until June that I found my current job.

While this is not what we were hoping to happen this year, it could have been so much worse.  I still have a job, Gregory’s work is doing good, we haven’t seen the drop in his workload that we did last year, and everyone is healthy.  And if it comes to pass that I do lose my job, I know there is something else out there for me.  God has always been so gracious to us, seeing us through everything.  He never shuts one door without opening another.  If this door closes, it might just open a window of opportunity for us to bring our dreams to life, such as our photography.

Life is full of opportunities.  We just need to have the courage to grasp them.

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Day One, 2010

Day one of the new year, and I am sick. Just Great!

How many others are starting out their new year feeling a little under the weather? A great many I would dare say. I’m sure countless people across the world woke from a long night of partying, hung over from their excesses the night before. Celebrating the end of one year, and welcoming the start of another.

As for me, I stayed home safe and sound surrounded by those I love the best. My family. There is no place else I would have rather been.

Being sick, I have hardly left the couch all day. I think of all the things I need to be doing or could do if I only felt better. A determination and eagerness has come over me. I am filled with a sense of optimism and purpose. I am on a New Years high but too drained from illness to do anything about it. How long will this euphoria last ?

It seems we always start out each new year full of optimism and high hopes. We make our New Years resolutions and rave how this year is going to be great, and how this year we will be successful. We claim this new year will be so much better than the one before. But didn’t we just make those same claims last year?

I mean really, how often do we follow through with our resolutions? How long before we fall back into our funk? Maybe my first resolution this year should be that I will follow through with all resolutions made this year.

But, as this is another beginning, and a time for reflection on the past, I will make (and hopefully keep) promises to myself for the upcoming year.

I vow to take control of my life. To become the driver instead of a passenger along for the ride. I vow to grasp the opportunities life presents and make the most of them. I vow no longer to just “go through the motions” of daily life, but to LIVE THEM. I vow to no longer dream about what might have been or what could be, but start bringing my dreams to life.

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