Corey Haim Found Dead at 38 –

Actor Corey Haim found dead this morning in apparent drug overdose, according to police.


I was in LOVE with Corey Haim when I was younger.  I remember my sister and I watching “The Lost Boys” and “License To Drive” over and over again, drooling over his looks, and searching through all the teen magazines for his photo.

A few years ago, my husband and I started watching “The Two Corey’s”  a reality type TV show about Corey Haim and Corey Feldman. When he first told me the show was scheduled to air, I was so excited.  I wondered what had become of Corey Haim.  I was  a little shocked when seeing the show the first time to learn Corey Haim had become addicted to drugs, and had led a very troubled life.  I don’t know why the news was so shocking to me, it happens all the time to child actors.

And Corey Haim was a very troubled young actor.

During one taping of “The Two Corey’s” Haim confessed that he had been sexually abused as a child at the age of 14. He said this led him to drink, and later get into drugs. Corey Haim was upset with Corey Feldman because Feldman knew about the abuse, and did nothing.  Feldman’s response to Haim was the same thing had happened to him. In an interview with People Magazine Feldman stated ” As a 14-year-old, how could I be responsible for actions that happened between him and another person?”  Neither Corey’s named who they were abused by. (,,20215069,00.html)

This poses a very interesting question for me….  Who was responsible?

I can’t help but wonder where his family was during this time?  Not only was he being sexually abused, but  he was also drinking at the age of 14.  I’m not trying to point any fingers here, this is a tragedy and I know his family is devastated.  But it brings up a subject I often wonder about.   When children become “famous actors” are the rights of the parents diminished? And how are so many of these child actors able to get a hold of alcohol and drugs at such a young age?

With today’s media and publicity, there is not much that goes by unnoticed by the Papparazzi, and therefore the Public. For any actor, and especially at the young age of 14, sneaking out would be nearly impossible…

Is Hollywood providing this, or enabling it? Surely someone must have seen what was going on…  Is profit more important than a child’s life? And these are children we are talking about.  Not adults who can legally make their own choices, good or bad, but CHILDREN!

Are Child Actors who make more in one year, than some adults will ever make in their lifetime, treated with a different set of standards than other children? Should they be allowed more freedom than the average 14 year old because they are “self-efficient” financially?  And where are the parents? I know my 13 and 15 year old aren’t even allowed to go over to a friend’s house unless I have met their parents first.  Even at church, I do not allow them to be in a situation, where they are alone for extended periods with an adult.  If my child became an actor, would I be expected to give the agents, directors, producers, etc. free access to my child, or risk damaging their career?

If the courts were to find that the average parent, guardian, teacher, WHOEVER, were supplying a MINOR CHILD with drugs or alcohol, or placing them in unsafe situations or harms way, they would be prosecuted.  The child would be removed from their care or custody immediately.  THE END.   Why should it be any different for Hollywood?

So who is accountable for these children? As seen by so many child actors who grow up in the spotlight, many of them lead very troubled lives, addicted to drugs and/or alcohol.  At some point we all become accountable for ourselves…… but at 14, how can we expect a child to make a mature decision, and function in an adult world they have suddenly been thrust in to?  If the parents can’t protect them without damaging their careers, Hollywood needs Child Advocates to protect them from themselves, and the bad influences Hollywood brings to all.

RIP Corey Haim.

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2 responses to “Corey Haim Found Dead at 38 –

  1. I was upset too. I was shocked, but before I had even searched online how he had died I already knew it was drugs. I wish someone could have intervened helped him.

  2. I found this post while searching google. Quite impressive too, since google tends to display relatively old results but this one is very recent! Anyway, quite informative, especially since this is not an issue many people tend to write something good about. Take care…

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