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Summer Time Fun –

I love Summer Time.  Not really the heat so much, but all the time we get to spend together as a family.  Growing up, it seems my sister and I had a friend over nearly every day of the summer.  If they were not at our house, we were at theirs.  We even had a friend that came on family vacations with us.  She became a part of our family.

My kids too have friends that they are always with.  Each of them have become so much a part of our family, that it seems there is something missing when they are gone.  It can get pretty hectic around the house to say the least, but I enjoy every moment of the madness.

I treasure this time with ALL my children…… the “adopted” ones too.  Before long, they will not be spending their time with us.  My oldest is 15, and I know that my days left with him are numbered before he will be working, and driving, and won’t want to be with mom and dad any longer.

Here are a few more photos of our time together so far this summer. These memories will last a lifetime.

!! And don’t forget to click on “Summer Time Fun” below to watch the short video my husband put together of the girls swimming……!!

Summer time Fun! from Greg snell on Vimeo.


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Clutter Me Crazy –

I hate clutter.  I really do.  My house can be spotless, but if I have a lot of knick knacks out, or appliances on my counter, for me….. the house feels dirty.

We recently downsized and moved from our 2 story house to a small one.  Until we can get a shed for storage, we are having to store everything inside the house, which means boxes and storage bins stacked against the wall.  It is driving me crazy!

I can spend all day dusting, vacuuming, and picking up the living room, but at the end of the day, all I can see are the things in the living room which do not belong.  The box which houses my Christmas tree, a storage bin of mine and my husbands things from childhood, a storage bin of my children’s baby things, a storage bin of blankets… My closet is already packed with other stuff from the old house, and my porch is stacked with things which used to be in our garage.

Don’t get me wrong…… I’m not a neat freak by any means.  With four children plus their friends over all the time, I gave up on perfect a long time ago.  The house gets destroyed quite often.  But it would be nice, once I get the house all cleaned, that it actually felt clean.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say I am a minimalist, but I do like clean straight lines.  I don’t have a lot of collectibles lining my shelves, I am drawn to furniture with straight lines, and I am not partial to furniture with a lot of scroll work, or embellishments…. at least not for me.   I keep my toaster, waffle maker, blender, and all other appliances put away in the kitchen cabinets.  The only things I keep out on my counter, are decorative items.  At night I check the coffee table and end tables and remove any clutter that has gathered (my husband and children are notorious for leaving mail, keys, dishes, toys, etc. on them) and put the items where they belong.

So this whole, stacking boxes against the wall crap, is annoying.  Very annoying.  But, for now, I have no choice.

I miss my other house.  I feel as though I have been living in Limbo for the past few months.  Next month I’ll have school supplies and school clothes to buy, but after that I am hoping we can get a storage shed so I can de-clutter my home……and my life.

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Ready – Set – CHEER!

This year I am an assistant Coach for my youngest daughter’s Cheerleading Squad.  I’m super excited about it, and I think it is going to be a lot of fun.  A lot of hard work……. but fun, too.

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It Was An Accident – I Swear!

Last week I murdered our Mower…..

Just to clarify, it wasn’t on purpose, more like involuntary manslaughter.   Sure, I’ll admit, I hated that mower.  Well, maybe not the mower, but the whole mowing thing.  I am not ashamed to admit I was not cut out for hard manual labor.  That, and heat….and sweating.  Unless it is the good kind of sweat, and working hard out in the Texas sun is not the good kind of sweat.  Not for me.

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In Loving Memory of Mamaw Carter

After watching a show on PBS on Geneology the subject of my family and ancestors was brought up.  This led me to think of my Mamaw Carter, who has been gone for several years now.  Last night as I lay in bed, I thought of her and all the wonderful memories I have of her.  It is so hard to believe sometimes, that someone who was so “large in life” and so much an integral part of me, is now just a memory.  A lot of who I am today, I owe to her.

Mamaw devoted her life to her family.  She never worked outside the home, she never drove a car, she didn’t go visit friends, and after her husband passed away (My “Gran” died before I was born), she always lived with one of her sons.  So her family WAS her life.  We were all she had.

It is funny, what memories choose to stay with us and linger.  Some of the smallest things and tiniest details are imprinted in my memory.

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Lake Tahoe – A Pain in the Butt

When my mom was married to her second husband, Larry, every summer we went on vacation somewhere.  We would load down the van with luggage, drinks, and groceries.  I can remember traveling many a mile with my hand stuck in a box of Lucky Charms.   Continue reading


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Cyber Junkie – Back at Last

Finally! We have internet again!

I hadn’t realized how dependant I was on the internet until I had to spend a couple of months without it.  My only glimpse into the “cyber” world was my iPhone….. I’m not sure when or how it happened, but I have become a Cyber Junkie.

12 years ago, I did not own a computer.  The internet was a foreign word to me.  I had a cell phone for “emergency use” only, so kept it turned off all the time.  I had a few friends who owned Pagers, but  I thought they were ridiculous unless needed for a job.  I refused to be at someones beck and call 24 hours a day.  The most technologically advanced equipment I owned was my answering machine.

Flash Forward to present day:  I carry around a small handheld computer/phone (iPhone) all day long.  It stays on me constantly. I keep it in my pocket, and if I do not have a pocket I will carry it around in my hand.  I don’t even go to the bathroom without carrying it in with me.  I can’t count the number of times a day I check Facebook and Twitter on my phone, not to mention my emails.  If I try to call my husband and he doesn’t pick up (unless he is working) I get mad.  I EXPECT him to be available 24/7.  I get so aggravated at my children when they leave their ringers off and I can’t get a hold of them.  If I drive anywhere that I haven’t been before, I have to take my GPS.  I don’t ever refer to maps anymore, I put all my faith and trust in the GPS to show me the way.

Once we moved into our new place, we had to wait a bit before getting internet set up out here.  Being out in the “country” we had to find a Service Provider that serviced this area, and we had to buy the necessary equipment.  During this time, my iPhone has been the only thing that has kept my sanity.  I had serious withdrawals from being cut off from the cyber world.  There is only so much that the iPhone can do.

I can go without Cable.  I can go without Television.  But DO NOT mess with my Internet!  🙂


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