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Learning To Let Go –

Last night I went into the local grocery store to pick up a few items, and was met by the strangest sight. Two boys that my son played Baseball with back in Elementary School were working as Sackers….. My oldest has talked about starting work next year, and I know that day is coming.  But seeing those boys with their light fuzzy facial hair, WORKING, came as quite a shock.  I suddenly felt so OLD! My baby boy is becoming a man.

I can still remember the day he was born. Looking into his eyes for the first time, holding him, awed and humbled to be given such a precious gift.  I still remember his smile, and that sweet baby smell as I held him close to me when he was an infant.  Now he is 15, will be driving soon, and working….. Where did the time go?

As he enters this next stage in life, he introduces us to all new worries…. car crashes, teen pregnancy, drugs, alcohol, smoking, staying out late, not knowing where he is, if he is O.K.  I’d like to think that none of these common “teen problems” will touch us, but reality says at least some of them will.  I can only hope that we have taught him well enough, made him strong enough, to make the right choices in life. But letting go is so hard.

As I look at each of my four children, I know the day will come when they will be on their own.  I will always be here to support, encourage, and catch them should they ever fall.  As parents we spend our lives preparing them for when that day comes.

But I wonder……… have I prepared myself?



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The Birds and The Bees – (proceed with caution: some material may be offensive to some)

I always wanted an open relationship with my children so that when they got to be teens they could come to me about anything.  ANYTHING!  And so far….. they have.  Do they talk to me about drugs? yes!  Do they talk to me about sex? Absolutely!!  masturbation? Yep, that too.   There really isn’t a topic that is “off-limits”, and I don’t think that there should be.  I may not always answer a question if it is too personal, but they are always free to ask.  I answer them honestly and matter of factly.  Is this how parenting should be? By being open about these issues, does it diminish my authority as a parent?  I don’t think so……My daughter often tells me that I am her Best Friend because she can tell me anything.  Can we be our children’s “friends’ and still be “the parent”? Or am I setting myself up for difficult times ahead?

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