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Lessons Learned At Death’s Doorway –

Self Awareness…..

It doesn’t always come easy.  For years I felt that who I am and who I am supposed to be aren’t the same.  I always wanted more out of life. I wanted to BE more, DO more, HAVE more…..I wanted to LIVE…. to feel that rush of Life’s energy pulsing through me.  I didn’t want to “go through the motions” of life everyday, but experience life as it should be.  I wanted to do things I had never done before, go places, see things.  I wanted to be remembered, I wanted to feel as if when my time on earth was over, there would be no regrets. No “if only’s” or “should haves”.

My journey to self-discovery began shortly after my youngest daughters birth.  She was 4 weeks old when I went in for a routine gall bladder surgery.  Very simple surgery, I would be able to leave that same day.  However, as we soon discovered, there was nothing routine about it. Continue reading



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