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February 11th and February 12th were two of the BEST days I have had in a VERY LONG Time!

There is just something magical about the sight of snow falling.  Growing up in Texas, it is something rarely seen, and never to the extent I saw over those two days.  As the snow fell softly from the sky, covering the ground in soft white, I could not contain my excitement.  Like a little kid in a candy shop, I couldn’t wait to get outside and just stand, arms spread wide, feeling the gentle kiss of each snowflake fall against me.  I felt I would burst with excitement, unable to contain and control the swelling joy engulfing me.  Even after finally returning indoors, I couldn’t stay away from the windows, watching, praying it would not end.  And for once………it DIDN”T!!  Not for a very long time!

We all stayed home those two days.  That first morning, I sat drinking my coffee watching the snow fall outside…. and it was Magical!

With rainfall the sky is gray and overcast and the soft pitter patter of rain against  the roof and windows can be heard.  While I love the sounds of rain, it pales in comparison to watching a Snowfall.  The snow seemed to glide ever so gently  down to earth, the scene peaceful and relaxing.  The snow on the ground shone a brilliant white against a backdrop of blue sky.  As the afternoon wore on, and the silent storm picked up speed, the snow twirled and danced gracefully, frolicking in the winter wind.

As more snow fell throughout the day, the ground was covered in a thick blanket of snow, and everything was transformed into pure beauty.

I wasn’t the only one excited, we all were.  For two days, there was not an outside world. There was just us, home together, enjoying each others company.  We had snowball fights, made snow ice-cream, and the kids and Greg built a snow man.  Our dog Prissy enjoyed the snow too, and every time the door opened she would run outside to play.  Things had been so stressful lately, the Snow Days acted as a soothing balm, letting us escape all troubles and worries.  It healed me in ways nothing else could have.

They say this is probably a “once in a lifetime experience” for those of us here in Dallas.  I know I will treasure these memories forever, and for the rest of my life I will continue to wait and hope for another Snow Day Miracle.


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